Sea Change Cocktails … and a Scotch

We had dinner at Sea Change this weekend. And of course, that gave me a chance to try two cocktails, and a Scotch that I had never had before.


Why hadn't I thought of using dill?

The first was something called a fitz-tini. It combines Death’s Door gin, a Wisconsin gin, sherry, and get this … dill. The juniper, fennel flavor of the gin and the dry flavor of the sherry – which takes the place of vermouth here – are very balanced, but the introduction of the dill to the flavor palate makes this drink special. It adds a not-quite-citrus bite to the drink that I really appreciated.


An elevated margarita.

Next, a preserved lemon margarita, served on the rocks. This drink works really well for a couple of reasons – first, the margarita mixture that Sea Change uses isn’t overpoweringly sweet. It’s definitely sweet, but not in a knock-your-socks off kind of way. And second, the preserved lemon. By adding the preserved lemon – which I was told was preserved for a couple of weeks to enhance the flavor – the drink gets the necessary citrus, but also a briny, sort-of-spoiled-but-it’s-not flavor. Again, it’s one of those very unique additions of flavor that elevate the drink from something that you get at a chain restaurant, and one that you expect from a place like Sea Change.


Very light. Very floral.

Finally, a Scotch. Specifically Auchentoshan Classic. Auchentoshan is a triple distilled lowland single malt Scotch. The triple distillation refines the Scotch quite a bit and imparts a very light, floral, and fruity flavor profile. Even the color is very light. The flowers and fruit notes were very prominent. However, even with the triple distillation, it had a little bite to it towards the tail end that was almost lemony in nature. While it won’t change my preference for the Islay Scotches, Auchentoshan Classic is a very good Scotch in its own right.

Glasses up.



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